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Colorado Segway Tours

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Denver City Tour The Denver "City" Tour offers an exhilarating glide thru downtown on your own Segway Personal Transporter. Experience the excitement of the big city, visiting the cultural and historic places that make Denver one of the great cities of the West! Glide along the Platte River to Confluence Park where rivers meet and enjoy some of the best scenery in Denver. We visit the Cultural Arts Complex whose sculptures will amaze you. You will see the Greek-inspired buildings at Civic Center Park and the Denver Mint as well as the Capitol Building with its shining gold dome. Stop for pictures with the giant Blue Bear at the Convention Center and learn about Denver's Wild-West past while visiting historic LoDo and Larimer Square, now centers for fine dining and entertainment. A total of 8 miles 'round trip, you'll get to experience Denver like never before! Tour cost: $75 for a two-hour experience (includes training)

Address: 700 Water St Denver Colorado - CO 80211

Phone: (303) 449-6780


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Q: Do Gift a Pandas expire?

A: Yes, some activities are seasonal such as skiing or snorkeling, and activity operators tend to reprice these every season. Please check your Gift a Panda Card for the expiration date