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Studio NiaMoves

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Welcome Home to NiaMoves ~ a Houston "Heights' Institution". NiaMoves is an eclectic fitness and movement studio in the Heights of Houston. We have a warm, welcoming community of people who live in the Heights, Montrose, Garden Oak, Greater Houston and beyond.NiaMoves offer fitness format including Nia, MELT, Yoga, Pilates, Belly Dance, Hoop Dance for adults, prenatal and postpartum, tots music, movement and language development classes, and kids after school and summer camp programs too!We encourage health at every size. Check out a class today! We look forward to meeting you.History Established in 1996.Helen Terry, an international Black Belt Nia Teacher Trainer, founded NiaMoves in 1996. Helen joined forces with Kristie Bryant and opened NiaMoves at 3221 Houston Avenue in 2004, a rental property in the Woodland Heights.In 2007, they purchased property at 508 Pecore in the Heights. In 2016, the torch of NiaMoves was handed to Angela Mestre, a Nia, Zumba and Yoga Instructor but foremost a student of life. Angela have been dancing in the space since its very beginning, and she heard the calling when Kristie's family decided to move to Austin.Angela's vision is to make NiaMoves a Holistic Wellness Center that offer integrated fitness and wellness programs for all spectrum of life.The business has expanded from its fitness offering to now also including health and wellness programs, tots and kids development programs, prenatal to postpartum fitness and education, etc. NiaMoves also offers a variety of weekend workshops. Come experience what your neighbors are talking about!Meet the Business Owner Angela M. Angela M. Business Owner Angela had her first Nia encounter in 2007, its a beautiful story you must hear in person! Since 2008, she has taught Zumba, Nia, and Yoga, while holding a corporate job, studying M.B.A., and volunteering in various local organizations. Fast forward to 10 years later she took over the torch from Kristie and Helen and become the master servant of this NiaMoves community.A curious and humble student for this life, Angela is passionate about dancing, painting, water recreations, and just about everything that get the mind stimulated and body moving. Dancing Nia, teaching and practicing Yoga opened her mind, opened her heart, and opened her eyes to a world of wisdom and conscious living.She has full passion and capacity to re-energize and hold the space for you and she invites you to groove along.

Address: 508 Pecore St Houston TX 77009

Phone: (713) 864-4260


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