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The Best Pet Hotel and Spas in Minneapolis

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Spas—they're not just for humans anymore. Gift the ultimate Pet Hotel and Spa experience. Allow your loved one to choose the best Spa for the specific needs of their special four-legged friends. Give them the flexibility to decide on the best location to fulfill their pet-centric spa and care gifts. Give your giftee the time and space to finally take that trip, that afternoon off, or skip their monthly grooming chores. Who doesn't love a gift to the spa? This Pet Spa Gift a Panda can be redeemed at any of the best Pet Hotel and Spa locations in your area. Your loved one (and their best buddy) will appreciate every second of this thoughtful Gift a Panda.

Address: Your location of choice Minneapolis MN 55401



Please call activity operator for exact pricing information. Your selected Gift Card value will not always match the activity price.

Q: How does someone use/redeem a Panda Gift?

A: Gift a Pandas are sent with a physical Prepaid Visa Card or a Venue Specific Gift Card inside the Gift Box.

Recipients then schedule their activities directly with the operating venue and use the Visa Card at their convenience. No additional Activation tasks are required.

Reservations are made directly with the center or location which facilitates the activity.

Q: When can the Gift a Panda be redeemed?

A: The recipient chooses when to use the Gift a Panda according to the availability of the Activity Operator.

Q: Can a Gift a Panda be exchanged for a different activity?

A: If the recipient receives a Prepaid Visa card, they can use the Gift Card at any other venue that accepts VISA cards.

In the event they receive a venue-specific card, these can only be used at the specified venue.

Q: Do Gift a Pandas expire?

A: Yes, some activities are seasonal such as skiing or snorkeling, and activity operators tend to reprice these every season. Please check your Gift a Panda Card for the expiration date