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Nusta Spa

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Welcome to the country's first day spa to be awarded a Gold Certification by the U.S. Green Building LEED program. Nusta Spa reputation for world class service sets it apart from the competition as much as its commitment to the environment, providing a luxury spa experience for men and women with a menu that includes Massage, Facial, Manicure, Pedicure, Waxing, and Body Treatments.Some of these services can be found nowhere else in the city having been developed at Nusta Spa by top experts in the field of body care (such as the Interpretive Touch Massage, Guided Couple's Therapy, and Baby Bump Derma Rescue).And Nusta specializes in spa care for the mother-to-be with pregnancy Massages, Facials, and Body services as well as baby safe products.What's more, Nusta searches the world for the very best in therapeutic grade, certified organic wellness products and gifts.

Address: 1129 20th St NW Washington DC 20036

Phone: (202) 530-5700


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Q: How does someone use/redeem a Panda Gift?

A: Gift a Pandas are sent with a physical Prepaid Visa Card or a Venue Specific Gift Card inside the Gift Box.

Recipients then schedule their activities directly with the operating venue and use the Visa Card at their convenience. No additional Activation tasks are required.

Reservations are made directly with the center or location which facilitates the activity.

Q: When can the Gift a Panda be redeemed?

A: The recipient chooses when to use the Gift a Panda according to the availability of the Activity Operator.

Q: Can a Gift a Panda be exchanged for a different activity?

A: If the recipient receives a Prepaid Visa card, they can use the Gift Card at any other venue that accepts VISA cards.

In the event they receive a venue-specific card, these can only be used at the specified venue.

Q: Do Gift a Pandas expire?

A: Yes, some activities are seasonal such as skiing or snorkeling, and activity operators tend to reprice these every season. Please check your Gift a Panda Card for the expiration date